Our Process

We take a strategic approach to talent management, understanding the importance of aligning with your leadership and business goals. Our executive search product uses our proprietary, Winsight 360° search methodology to place high-performing C-Suite, Board of Directors, and Executive leaders.

Search Kick-Off
Cultural Interviews
Original Research
Candidate Outreach
Candidate Interviews
Client Interviews


Why Winsight 360° Works

Winsight 360° delivers a customized solution. We understand that every business is different. We learn your business and tailor the search to your specific needs and cultural environment, screening out mediocre candidates or those that are not a fit.

Winsight 360° incorporates deep industry research. We become market experts by collecting data and sharing that data with our clients so that they come away with a keen sense of the competitive landscape for executive talent. While others stop with the first slate of candidates, we believe in detailed research throughout the search so that the pipeline is always filled. Our research is always conducted internally – never outsourced – to ensure accurate, intelligent information on an ongoing basis.

In the words of one client: “I have learned so much about my industry by simply hiring Taylor Winfield”.

Winsight 360° is collaborative. We believe in team work not silos, and that means collaboration within our own firm and with our clients. Our team approach means better, smarter and faster results for you. And our commitment to high-touch client communication means you are always informed. Every employee at Taylor Winfield is involved in every one of our search assignments.

In short, we are nimble and can bring resources to bear on any client’s business on any given day. Large firms can’t move quickly and small firms don’t always have the resources to address the strategic needs of your business. From start to finish, our process and people are aligned to deliver the right candidate at the right time, providing our clients both competitive advantage and speed to market.

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