Industries Served

Business Services

This fast-growing segment is continually evolving to meet the needs of market innovation. With our deep portfolio of candidate talent, the TW team has placed exceptional leaders across a variety of business services including digital marketing, call service and digital transfer solutions, sales acceleration technology, sales development transformation, outsourced cloud and IT services, hosting and information services. View Clients

Communication, Infrastructure & Mobility

Over the last two decades, Taylor Winfield has been at the forefront of developing talent solutions in mobility and communication infrastructures. We have built management teams for clients that have built vital markets, both cloud-based and on-premise, in IoT, security, data center and hosting services, network software and hardware, and semiconductors/chips. View Clients

Consumer, Restaurant, & Retail

TW has a long history of placing top executives in supplier and operational roles across many industries — from traditional package goods and grocery to the latest in organic foods and retail. Whether helping clients find critical eCommerce talent or the right restaurant executives, we understand the changing dynamics of technology and delivery systems.  Our strong relationships with stellar candidates have helped us place forward-thinking leaders in this highly competitive space. View Clients

Education & Non-profit

A core tenet of TW is to support education and give back to the community. We have found top talent for educational publishers and publishers who keep the agricultural community informed. We have been good stewards of our work in non-profit with executive placements who advance women in the workplace, help children who have lost a parent in war, and provide books for children who would not otherwise have them. View Clients


TW serves a broad range across the spectrum of energy companies from oil & gas to renewable sources like wind and solar, to next-generation technology measuring the carbon footprint. By adding native digital talent to help upskill existing teams, or helping to build digitally-enabled businesses from the ground-up, TW has served such sectors as water filtering and retail products made from recycled products that preserve the environment. View Clients

Industrial & Manufacturing

The Taylor Winfield team has experience across diverse industries including semi-conductors, packaging, water purifications, tires and mattresses. We grasp the nuances and challenges unique to each client whether they are traditional enterprises or market disrupters, sourcing positions from sales to factory floor management. View Clients

Internet & Digital Media

With a deep portfolio of executives with digital expertise and strong domain knowledge, Taylor Winfield has been on the forefront of placing leaders in legacy and next-generation clients including online enabled businesses, information services and e-commerce companies ranging from financial services, and banking, to healthcare, gaming and insurance. View Clients

Private Equity

Through long-standing relationships with private equity and venture capital firms, Taylor Winfield has been instrumental in building billions in market value for their clients in emerging and established markets worldwide. From board directors and C-suites to accelerated build-out of new internal firm teams, we understand the importance of finding the right talent at the right time to meet shareholder objectives.  


Taylor Winfield’s expertise in the SaaS and software industry spans business-to-business, business-to-consumer applications, and infrastructure software. Through the years, TW followed the perpetual software licensing through to SaaS and recurring revenue business models placing key executives in applications ranging from knowledge management and big data and analytics, to human capital management, facilities management, and marketing automation. View Clients

What Our Clients Say

Ken Esterow

President & Chief Executive Officer, Bankrate, Inc.

“TW combines a maniacal focus on finding terrific talent with a discipline in making sure the talent fits not only the spec on paper, but also our culture. They keep us in the loop during every phase of the search to make sure we are always in synch with their efforts. Taking our feedback, they continuously refine search efforts real time to produce world-class results.”

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