It’s that time of year for predictions and trends. As we head into the new year, we expect to see policy, process and all-things-data play a large part in our clients’ organizations. Here are my five to watch.  

  • Leadership – the buzz word for the last three decades. First it was servant leadership, then transformational leadership but today, it is about embracing different styles and leveraging those styles for a better result in the organization. Millennials are justifiably tired of being stereotyped but the reality is they are changing how we work.
  • Logistics – will continue its sky-high rise…literally. With Amazon drones, self-driving cars and labor-saving robotics, navigating the new waters of efficient and cost-effective processes is a significant challenge and if mastered, a tremendous competitive advantage.
  • Trump – love him or hate him, he is our new President so look for the “Trump wild ride” to impact press and media. Unprecedented use of digital media throughout the campaign appears to be continuing as we prepare for his presidency. Conventional media will be jolted into Trump’s new protocol, forced to learn how to navigate social media.
  • Data Security – Yahoo’s 1.5MM users can attest to this problem. From Russian hackers’ alleged interference in the election to security breaches in banking, healthcare, tech and social media, the protection of data is complicated, ever-changing and a high priority for our clients.
  • Marketing is 50% Math – we see one role in the C-suite changing dramatically and that is the role of chief marketing officer. CMO jobs have always been at risk – the first casualty of a business’ poor performance. These days, the chief marketer’s job is much more than developing a sustainable strategy and compelling message. The successful CMO must be able to gather, harness and interpret big data to effectively drive brand decisions and measure results.

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